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Will you pray with me for Ethiopia?

Fighting in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region has resulted in death and a sea of people displaced from their homes. If you find your tongue is nimble enough...

Staying to serve youth

While the coronavirus crisis forced many mission workers to return to their home countries, Sarah Dorman, decided to stay in Ethiopia, the country she loves.

Cultivated in good soil

What can a thriving Ethiopian church teach us about impact? Find out now.


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Getting the right exposure

Adrian is a photographer with SIM Stories East Africa. And he wants you to see what he sees. He wants you to see the handiwork of God reflected in people.

God is listening

Listening is a major part of trauma healing ministry for Beatrice. Read about how God moves when his people listen.

COVID-19: SIM Kenya helping the church

The SIM Kenya team has led a multi-pronged response to COVID-19, a once-in-a-generation issue. They reach out through virtual trainings to not only churches,...

Sudan and South Sudan

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A story in the shadows

Some stories are hidden. And many of those unknown stories are about people going to hidden corners of the world and bearing great light.

Bible translation: Even with a few words

You might understand Bible translation takes hours and even a lifetime to complete, but what does that truly look like? And what kind of transformation takes...

Come fly with me

Ever wonder what it’s like to travel into rural South Sudan with SIM? Let Tohru Inoue take you there.


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From the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro

I awoke to the sound of the wind howling through camp. The walls of my tent shook violently as I glanced at my watch. It was just after midnight; in about an...

Speaking without words

Sometimes I fail to realise that God is the One who is truly at work. He doesn’t need me to say a single word in Swahili to move in the lives around us.