Diaspora Refugee Ministry

United States, North America

With the great influx of immigrants and refugees into the US, many of which represent communities where Christ is least known, we see a tremendous opportunity to show the love of Christ and proclaim the gospel. We have had a ministry in the US for many years, more recently known as CultureConnexions (CCX), which has been ministering to immigrants. We would like to give this ministry greater focus and leadership to be more strategic and effective – particularly among those living and dying without Christ. We seek to see our staff engage with local churches to educate, motivate and model ministry to people around them for the sake of the gospel.



For wisdom in identifying leadership and developing strategy.

Prayer resources

10 Days of Prayer

Every year, we use the 10 days from the Ascension of Christ to Pentecost as a special time of prayer. Our 10 Days of Prayer resource can guide you during each day as we look at what the Bible says about joy in our lives.


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2019 SIM Prayer Guide

Welcome to the 2019 Prayer Guide. The purpose of this prayer mobilisation tool is to inform, inspire and invite readers like you to pray for SIM ministries all around the world. Please share this Prayer Guide freely and broadly with all who would like to join us in praying for what God is doing through SIM.


2018 SIM Founders Day

The past year has been one of celebrating God’s faithfulness over 125 years. What a wonder that He would choose ordinary people like our founders — and like us — to take forward the gospel. However, after the rhythm of celebration comes the rhythm of work. We have celebrated a great harvest of the past. Now let us pray for the harvest of the future.