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South Asia stories


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Sura’s journey with Children’s Uplift Programme

When Sura was trying to survive on the streets of Dhaka, she could never have imagined how SIM Bangladesh’s Children’s Uplift Programme would transform her...

Restore hope to the vulnerable

The Children’s Uplift Program (CUP) and the Girls off the Streets Fund extend hope to vulnerable women.

Hope on the hard streets

Mimi's father died when she was only 10 years old and her family was left without anyone to provide for their them.


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A Faithful Witness amidst persecution

Kai* was sitting in a church service in India, praying that God would guide his ministry. Then, clarity came.

Longing to breathe free

Pastor Shravan has been in a terrible place of bondage to drug addiction. And now his life mission is to prevent anyone he can from staying in that dark,...

Past dividing lines: Ministering to India's transgenders

Last week we visited several homes that really felt like shades and shadows.


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Loving the oppressor (and not only the oppressed)

The Bible talks about loving the oppressed – the widows and orphans, those who have suffered and have been treated unjustly. But what about loving the...


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20 years later, God finds Pradip in Nepal

When Pradip* was a young boy growing up in Eastern Nepal, he found a Hindi Bible.


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Security becomes a ministry

In Pakistan, Christian security guards are opening up new opportunities in ministry for SIM.

Words on wheels

Just as “the feet of those who bring good news” are beautiful, so is SIM's book van that transports the Word of God throughout Pakistani villages.

Murree Christian closes, search for MK educators ensues

Christian families in Pakistan are in search of visionary educators for their children due to the closure of Murree Christian School.

Sri Lanka

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