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What is Grow as We Go?

SIM seeks to create an ecosystem for people to flourish. Grow as We Go focuses on equipping those in our organisation to live in loving and God-honouring relationships. This God-given vision takes a collective approach ⁠— we must do it together in complete dependence on Jesus Christ.

In Grow as We Go, we have 1 ecosystem, 3 priorities and 5 words.

The ecosystem is the space where we unite in purpose, demonstrating bold faith, purity, humility and generous grace.

The priorities that describe our organisation are:

  1. Flourishing
  2. Future
  3. Friendly

The five words we centre Grow as We Go on are:

  1. Care
  2. Team
  3. Ministry
  4. Outcomes
  5. Development

Find out more by listening to Joshua Bogunjoko's explanation below and downloading the following resources.


Download the Grow as We Go workbook:

Download the Grow as We Go infographic: