Sendu’s story: How a Zambia youth center ignited a young man's faith

By Susan Akyeampong | Zambia in Southern Africa

Sendu Limande in front of Choma Youth Center

Though he gave his life to Christ when he was 12, Zambian Sendu Limande had drifted away from Christian fellowship as a teenager. But his Aunt Mapesho was always inviting him to visit the Choma Youth Center, a safe environment for young people to have fun and help them grow spiritually.

Initially resistant to attend, Sendu eventually relented in 2018, unaware of the transformation that the Youth Center would provide.

The speaker’s words during that afternoon's "real-life" discussion struck a chord: "You are where you are because you have chosen to be there"

Hearing this, Sendu began to re-think his approach to life. He found himself deeply interested in these "real-life" discussions, which tackle current issues affecting young people’s lives from social media, relationships, work, and health. The discussions drew him in, and he became a regular, attending each week.

After joining the Choma Youth Center, Sendu made new friends. He discovered a supportive community that nurtured his faith and he began to see a significant shift in his priorities.  

Sendu’s life was being transformed. 

He soon found a way to share his passion and faith by coaching volleyball on Fridays. His dedication led to leadership training, and eventually, a well-deserved spot on the Choma Youth Center staff, where he still works today.

He said: "The Choma center has created who I am today, and through the training and mentoring, I learned what I can do with my talent, and that I can lead and share the gospel through sports.  I have learned that I can use my talent for the glory of God.  The transformation that I have seen in my life is mind-blowing."

Staff members act as mentors, walking alongside the youth and offering prayers. This creates a safe, non-judgmental space where young people can experience the love of Christ. Sendu’s personal hope for the young people is “that they might find hope and understand what God has planned for them.”   

Sendu leading discussion with the young people

About Choma Youth Center
The Choma Youth Center, Zambia, opened in 2017 and is open to all young people in the area.  The center's staff work to create a welcome, safe environment in which staff work with young people to help them grow spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  Each week, the staff members host dozens of young people with a Bible study on Mondays, "real-life" conversations on Wednesdays, and a sports programme on Fridays.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there is an "open" session where the youth can play games, visit, and connect with one another. 

Playing volleyball with the Choma youth

Prayer Requests

•    Pray that God will continue to bring young people to the Choma Youth Center, that they may find hope as they experience God's love, and that they will come to understand what God has planned for them.
•    Pray for the Choma Youth Center staff as they seek ways to connect individually with the youth as they disciple and mentor them, and to bring the message of salvation to each young person.
•    Pray that the Choma Youth Center will receive funds to both continue their current ministry, and expand in the future so that more young people are reached and mentored.

How can you support the Choma Youth Center?
The leadership team supporting the Choma Youth Center would like to raise financial resources to expand their impact in the community. 
The center is currently operating in a borrowed space and with your help, aims to:
•    Build a dedicated facility: Owning a building will provide stability for the staff and young people in the community
•    Equip a computer room: Digital literacy is crucial in today's world. A computer room will open doors to new opportunities for the youth.
•    Create a welcoming coffee bar: A social space will foster connection and community within the center.

If you would like to donate to support the Choma Youth Center in Zambia, and its expansion, please use the following details:
Project Name: Choma Youth Center 
Project No.: 094648

For online giving, please use the following URL per country:
Or contact your closest SIM office.

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