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Récits d’asie pacifique


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Hang up your capes: Jesus is the real hero of the faith

Are we putting missionaries on a pedestal? Mission work isn't unattainable ⁠— find out more about how all Jesus followers can be faithful witnesses.

Choosing divine love, for better or for worse

The Fawcetts were eager to enter ministry. But God called the Fawcetts to wait before they could embark to Ayutthaya.

New Zealand

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Loving the oppressor (and not only the oppressed)

The Bible talks about loving the oppressed – the widows and orphans, those who have suffered and have been treated unjustly. But what about loving the...


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A noble job: Engaging the universities

Engaging the Universities is reaching students and faculty around the world to share God’s love with them. Find out what it's like to live out the gospel as...

Misheel’s university students present Christmas

Lecturer and SIM worker, Misheel, had the chance to answer questions about the gospel, all because her students chose an astonishing subject for their group...

Gospel hope transforms lives of addicted couple in Mongolia

Our partners in Mongolia are doing some astonishing gospel work among people with addictions, helping them out of their dependencies and into a living...


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Career coaching service available for COVID-19’s jobless

Motivated by the gospel, professional career coaches Daniel and Jeanie Ough are offering their free services to anyone without jobs during the pandemic. Read...