WAMO workers celebrate their inaugural SLC

By Stephen Nitte La'abes, AfriGO Producer | Ghana in West Africa

UNITED WE STAND: Workers from the West African Missions Office at their first Spiritual Life Conference.

Workers sent by our Africa Missions Office celebrated a historic gathering in October – their first Spiritual Life Conference! They met in Accra, Ghana for four days. Some WAMO workers were meeting their colleagues for the first time, while others were rekindling old friendships.

The retreat began with a warm embrace from entity director Daniel Salamu, who passionately reminded everyone of the true meaning behind the gathering. The devotions were led by SIM International Director, Joshua Bogunjoko, who joined us with his wife, Joanna.

Together, they traced the roots of WAMO back to its origins in Abidjan, in 2008, showing how visionaries had come together with a common purpose to mobilise West Africans for global mission through SIM.

Some of those very first staff members were at the retreat, standing as a testament to their dedication and commitment. Joshua drew inspiration from Isaiah 43:1 and 10-14. He emphasised the grace of knowing, a divine awareness of our purpose; the grace of endurance, the ability to persist in the face of adversity; and the grace to bless, a call to serve with unyielding joy.

The participants delved into the question: Is there a vast resource within West Africa waiting to be tapped into for global mission? The discussion on leadership development underscored the vital roles of shepherds, servants, stewards, and shared leadership, emphasising the transformative power of guiding others towards Christ-likeness.

The importance of prayer emerged as a central theme, with verses from Luke and James serving as poignant reminders of the transformative power of earnest prayer and unwavering faith. A key focus of the retreat was mobilisation and church partnership, and especially the challenge of support-raising.

We were encouraged to see support-raising not merely a plea for financial help, but rather an invitation for others to actively engage in the great work God is orchestrating. Fittingly, this first SLC ended with the act of communion, led by a WAMO board member.

All the WAMO workers are now eagerly looking forward to their second SLC!

Please pray 

• Give thanks for a wonderful time of fellowship at this first SLC and that God was glorified during our time together
• For the support-raising needs of WAMO workers, that church members would see they can play their part in global mission by funding our workers
• That more mission workers keen to go to places where Christ is least known would be raised up from West Africa. 

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