Refugee mum finds renewed hope through Sydney gardening club

By Susan Akyeampong | Australia in Pacific Asia

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Kay, a refugee living in Australia, once lived a life consumed by depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Medication and hospital visits offered little relief, and  her children were taken away by the authorities. Freedom to Flourish, a Sydney ministry of SIM  using counselling and creative activities to help refugees heal and find God's love, became her lifeline. Here, through their gardening, club Kay received unwavering support and began her remarkable journey back to wholeness.

Over four years, Kay faithfully dedicated herself to the programme, opening her heart to the love of those around her and to the love of God. The change this divine love brought into her life was nothing short of incredible.

Hospital visits stopped, medication lessened, and the flashbacks faded. And most wonderfully, God intervened in her personal life and she regained custody of her children, all while discovering how to love herself and rebuild her identity in Christ. 

"Witnessing her growth has been beautiful," said Angela, a programme leader. 

That's why Freedom to Flourish exists: to give hope to people just like Kay, all for the greater purpose of serving God.

•    Pray for Kay and her children to continue their walk with Jesus.
•    Pray for wisdom for the Freedom to Flourish team as they share God’s love to those attending the ministry. 
•    Pray that those who attend would come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.   

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