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  • Migrant Ministry

    Ministry with immigrants in conjunction with existing organisations

    Chile, South & Central America

    Mid term (1 to 2 years)

  • Learning African French, culture for Ministry in Africa context

    PLTM "Learning by doing together."

    Mali, West Africa

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Church Leadership Training

    Pastors and other church leaders are receiving formal part-time theological training so that they will be deeply rooted in the truth of the Bible and equiped for shepherding their congregations. We envision churches that are not only discipling their own members but also respond to God's Great Commission of taking the Gospel to all the nations beginning in Mauritius.

    Southern Africa

    Any duration

  • Outreach / Discipleship in Kumakwane

    This outtreach and discipleship ministry has a focus on children and youth. In a reality where many of them are abused, they find a safe haven to play and get to know Jesus Christ as their best friend and Saviour. It is our vision to see many find healing from their past and have a future because they responded to the Good News.

    Botswana, Southern Africa

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Strategic Discipleship

    We see intentional disciple-making within SIM Zambia and related ministries through mentoring and training resulting in a deepening, maturing faith and enhanced Christian witness through the Church to the least reached peoples of Zambia.

    Zambia, Southern Africa

    Any duration

  • Sowing Seeds of Change in the Sahel

    Work with motivated individuals and social groups within the poor rural communities of the Maradi area to facilitate the transformation of physical, social, and spiritual life.

    Niger, West Africa

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Peru Administration

    To facilitate the effective working of the SIM Peru team, that the ministries might be effective and the mission workers well supported and cared for.

    Peru, South & Central America

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Outreach to Children

    This project aims to bring hope and a future in Jesus Christ to the 200,000+ Children at Risk living on the streets in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), starting with the 50,000+ who are in Abidjan.

    West Africa

    Any duration

  • Media

    To edify listeners by proclaiming the Good News of salvation while influencing the life of Ivorian society with a message of love and peace.

    Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa

    Any duration

  • Administration

    To provide excellent services to SIM workers, allowing them to excel in their ministries, while being a community of SIM workers living in love, led by the Holy Spirit, and joyfully accomplishing SIM’s purpose in Namibia.

    Namibia, Southern Africa

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Lima Women's Ministry

    To see the women we minister to impacted by the gospel so that they can find hope, peace and fullness of life.

    Peru, South & Central America

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Lima Urban Ministry

    To see Lima churches responsibly evangelising and discipling new believers.

    Peru, South & Central America

    Any duration