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  • Church Leadership Training

    By faith, we see: - believers being called into leadership - believers being equipped and mentored to fulfill leadership roles within their community - church communities being taught and led by well-equipped leaders

    Botswana, Southern Africa

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Church History Consultant

    Help prepare the next generation of leaders by teaching through higher education in West Africa

    Nigeria, West Africa

    Short term (less than 1 year)

  • Serving at the Margins

    Come and join us as we work with local partners to serve disadvantaged and marginalised communities in the Middle East, including migrants, refugees and the displaced. Working in both rural and urban locations, we affirm dignity as we meet practical needs and share Christ’s love and truth – through humanitarian relief, trauma support, vocational training, community education, micro-enterprise projects, advocacy and more. (Please note: this is a general Middle East opportunity, available in the region but not necessarily in the country selected.)

    Middle East

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Life Challenge Africa

    Life Challenge Africa (LCA) is uniquely focused and passionately committed to motivate, train, equip and network with African churches, ministries and individuals, to share the gospel with Muslim neighbours. We equip the Body of Christ in Sub-Saharan Africa through seminars (in-person and online), resources (books, tracts and digital media), consultation, research and an extensive network of like-minded ministry friends and partners throughout Africa and beyond. We are also actively involved in discipling Muslim background believers (MBBs) through excellent discipleship tools specifically designed for the unique needs of MBBs. Our projects include: • Life Challenge Coast - providing seminars and resources at the predominantly Muslim Kenyan Coast. Our team there has established and oversees more than 65 reading centres throughout the coastal region mobilising Christians for evangelism. • Daughters of Abraham (DOA) - a network of Christian women with a passion for reaching their Muslim friends and neighbours with the love of Christ. • The Ark School - a primary school in Kariobangi, Nairobi, which provides a Christian education for over 360 students, three-fourths of whom come from Muslim families. They are taught the Word of God through Chronological Bible Storytelling. • The Resource Centre – one of the most extensive libraries on Islam and Muslim Evangelism in Africa. • Hamasa ya Milele – the LCA branch in Tanzania provides seminars and resources (mainly in the Kiswahili language) throughout Tanzania which has a 35% Muslim population. We are looking for: • Life Challenge Coast Administrator - Supporting and guiding coast team in strategy implementation, public relations and organisation of the rapidly expanding LCA Coast ministry. • Web Assistant/Designer – A short-term role to assist in redesigning and maintaining LCA website. • Resource Center Librarian, Nairobi - Organisation (including digitalisation), research and promotion of the Resource Center (see above). Secondary responsibilities include assisting with website, newsletter and other administrative tasks.

    Kenya, East and Central Africa

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Christ-centered healthcare

    You would join a team to promote the physical and spiritual well-being of Liberians by providing affordable, high-quality health care and psycho-social support services that express God's love and compassion for all people, and point them to the ultimate provision for well-being, salvation in Jesus Christ.

    Liberia, West Africa

    Any duration

  • Mobilising and Sending

    Ecuadorian churches and believers will understand and find their role in missions, leading to Ecuadorians being equipped for ministry and sent out under quality administration and pastoral care.

    Ecuador, South & Central America

    Long term (+2 years)
    Mid term (1 to 2 years)

  • Community Outreach and Discipleship

    Reach out in the community to see people responding to the gospel and being discipled into local churches.

    Thailand, Pacific Asia

    Long term (+2 years)

  • EMS Retreat Center

    We have created a beautiful place where EMS missionaries are invited for a training in the Word and prayer. In the kind of place where God’s beauty and holiness is sensed, they are soaked in His Master Plan for Mission work. Through this, they are encouraged to keep fighting a good fight for the mission work in a very tough situation. This is to equip the church for the Gospel. Christian organizations and churches also come and use the center for their spiritual retreats. The center is located in the border between a Christian dominant State and a Muslim dominant one that we are actively involved in reaching out to the surrounding communities bridging two groups together in peace. To meet the people’s need, we opened a primary school with 100 students presently. This is to reach out to the unreached and to prevent crisis. We also give clean drinking water to communities where Christians and Muslims agree to work together.

    West Africa

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Evangel VVF center

    To provide physical healing, spiritual support, and vocational retraining for women who have experienced vesico-vaginal fistula and childbirth trauma. We work in a central location with women who come from across Nigeria and surrounding countries, providing them free medical care and introducing them to the person of Jesus. www.facebook.com/EvangelVVF/

    Nigeria, West Africa

    Short term (less than 1 year)

  • Kings Kids

    Kings Kids exists to holistically care for and develop Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in honour to God

    Nigeria, West Africa

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Leadership and Services

    Work alongside the leadership of the local church to encourage one-on-one discipleship within the church and cultivate a vision for outreach in areas where Christ is not known.

    Chile, South & Central America

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Book Club for IDP children

    To help IDP children enjoy reading and improve comprehension skills. We pray the joy of reading can be one of the ways for some of them to endure their hardships and to thrive in limited circumstances

    Nigeria, West Africa

    Long term (+2 years)