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  • Specializing Local Ministry Leaders

    To provide practical training in face-to-face and virtual environments in the areas in which Uruguayan leaders need development the most. This training will put ministry leaders in the position to be more effective in reaching people in their own nation and beyond their borders.

    Uruguay, South & Central America

    Mid term (1 to 2 years)
    Long term (+2 years)

  • Dare to Dream: Children's Outreach

    To be a place that helps the construction of a healthy, dignified society through the renewing of the mind and to be a place where children can hear, respond to and apply the truth of the Gospel.

    Uruguay, South & Central America

    Any duration

  • Galmi Hospital

    The mission of Galmi Hospital is to glorify the name of Jesus Christ by demonstrating the love of God through physical and spiritual healing, proclaiming the gospel and making disciples.

    West Africa

    Any duration

  • Equipping the Team

    We see a flourishing SIM community, growing spiritually and in ministry competence, joyfully accomplishing SIM's mission and purpose.

    Ghana, West Africa

    Any duration