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  • Bolivia’s Youth and Children

    Childhood is when people ususally choose to become Jesus followers. It is a time of formation and decision-making, yet a time of vulnerability for potential abuse and harm. Minors need safe spaces and safe people to nurture and guide them in life. More than 50 per cent of Bolivia’s population is aged 25 or younger, so ministry focused toward children and youth presents a tremendous opportunity to develop life-long disciples of Christ. The Bolivian church has asked SIM for workers to partner with them to build leadership capacity in children and youth ministries. SIM is seeking workers to be involved in Bible clubs, puppet ministry, camping, sports, after-school tutoring, youth mentoring, big brother/big sister relationships, Young Life, university ministry, church or community-based youth groups.

    Bolivia, South & Central America

    Any duration

  • The Shoe Shiners of La Paz

    Kayuparu means 'at his feet', and is a ministry that is reaching out to the masked shoe shiners of La Paz. The shiners hide their faces behind masks because there is a strong sense of shame associated with being a shiner. In the eyes of society, they are invisible and insignificant. A lot of them are students who need the work to pay for their tuition, others are facing economic hardships. Our desire is for them to realise they are not insignificant and invisible in the eyes of God, and that they find hope in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Join our team to reach out to the shoe shiners and their families!

    Bolivia, South & Central America

    Mid term (1 to 2 years)

  • S.H.I.N.E. Africa Project

    We teach how the honour-shame dynamics of Scripture relate to cultural dynamics. Are you interested in equipping people with this knowledge and seeing transformation in lives for God's glory?

    Botswana, Southern Africa

    Any duration

  • Youth Training Centre

    If you have a heart for young adults who do not know the Lord, come and join the team at our Youth Training Centre, in a small city in West Africa. We are especially looking for someone to teach English as an additional language, but also have opportunities to give vocational training in all kinds of other areas: cookery, sewing, computer, etc. Do you have a unique skill? The centre extends beyond teaching and provides a place where young people can read, study, or simply relax with friends in a homey environment – giving an excellent opportunity to build relationships through which the Good News can be shared.

    West Africa

    Any duration

  • Reaching the unreached

    To disciples of Jesus in communities where He is least known

    East and Central Africa

    Any duration

  • Discipleship of Anglophone Expats

    The mandate of the International Fellowship of Christians (IFC) pastor is to build IFC as a missional church, equipping and sending disciples of Christ into the world as ambassadors of Christ with hearts of love and service. We need people who can disciple English-speaking believers in Abidjan.

    Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa

    Short term (less than 1 year)

  • Leadership and Administration

    We need people to help support the SIM Zambia team in - administration - finance - personnel/member care - projects - field leadership - guest facilities

    Zambia, Southern Africa

    Any duration

  • Theological Education

    You will help equip the Thai church to evangelise, make disciples, teach, plant churches and engage in mission.

    Thailand, Pacific Asia

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Madagascar Emergency Relief SIM

    Our MERSI Mission seeks to help our brothers and sisters in Christ re-build their communities in times of natural disaster.

    Madagascar, Southern Africa

    Any duration

  • Training Church Leaders

    This ministry is working in partnership with a growing, but largely rural based SIM-related church. It seeks to train and equip church leaders such as pastors, evangelists, elders and lay personnel for church planting and mission. Short or long-term opportunities exist for French speaking teachers experienced in delivering theological education or specialist workshops in a variety of contexts.

    Togo, West Africa

    Mid term (1 to 2 years)
    Long term (+2 years)

  • Mobilizing Middle East workers

    (to be confirmed)

    Middle East

    Any duration

  • Mission Innovate

    To facilitate gospel work in Australia or to facilitate those being sent out by providing seed funds to start new initiatives relating to SIM Australia's strategic areas of focus of serving and equipping churches for mission and mobilising for missions.

    Australia, Pacific Asia

    Any duration