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  • Leadership and Administration

    We need people to help support the SIM Zambia team in - administration - finance - personnel/member care - projects - field leadership - guest facilities

    Zambia, Southern Africa

    Any duration

  • Theological Education

    You will help equip the Thai church to evangelise, make disciples, teach, plant churches and engage in mission.

    Thailand, Pacific Asia

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Madagascar Emergency Relief SIM

    Our MERSI Mission seeks to help our brothers and sisters in Christ re-build their communities in times of natural disaster.

    Madagascar, Southern Africa

    Any duration

  • Training Church Leaders

    This ministry is working in partnership with a growing, but largely rural based SIM-related church. It seeks to train and equip church leaders such as pastors, evangelists, elders and lay personnel for church planting and mission. Short or long-term opportunities exist for French speaking teachers experienced in delivering theological education or specialist workshops in a variety of contexts.

    Togo, West Africa

    Long term (+2 years)
    Mid term (1 to 2 years)

  • Mobilizing Middle East workers

    (to be confirmed)

    Middle East

    Any duration

  • Mission Innovate

    To facilitate gospel work in Australia or to facilitate those being sent out by providing seed funds to start new initiatives relating to SIM Australia's strategic areas of focus of serving and equipping churches for mission and mobilising for missions.

    Australia, Pacific Asia

    Any duration

  • Serving & Equipping the Church

    Interested or skilled in supporting a growing church through theological education, training and mentoring, member or convert care, institutional support services or resourcing, student ministry, church planting or extension? We have a range of opportunities to work hand in hand with local believers to respond to the needs and opportunities of the local church in Nigeria.

    Nigeria, West Africa

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Projects and Partnerships

    We provide support to team members and partners in their efforts to reflect the love and compassion of Christ in their communities. Interested in assisting these workers and ministries? We'd love for you to take part in this important form of service.

    South Asia

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Sports Friends Ecuador

    Sports Friends’ vision is to see a global movement of churches using sports to make disciples of Jesus Christ. And you can play a part in bringing love and the Word of God to young people, their family, and communities!

    Ecuador, South & Central America

    Long term (+2 years)

  • Healthy People and Mission

    We are looking for people to join our SIM Benin Togo leadership and services team to help care for our cross-cultural workers, staff and local partners. Do you have skills in finance, human resources or pastoral care? Come and use these gifts to help our workers and local partners flourish in a wide variety of settings and ministries. Our admin team is based in a rural city and a working knowledge of French would be helpful.

    Benin, West Africa

    Any duration

  • Mobilization

    We desire to see the Namibian church passionate and equipped for involvement in God's mission in Namibia and the world. Therefore, we do local church trainings regarding mission, lead short-term mission trips, and come alongside local churches to send out their own mission workers. Personnel needs include people passionate about mobilizing for mission to train local churches and people who can help organize and run short-term mission trips.

    Namibia, Southern Africa

    Any duration

  • Mentoring Church Leaders

    In a highly resistant country where the church is tiny, scattered and underground, several national church planters seek experienced and trusted workers who will mentor them as they faithfully disciple others.

    North Africa

    Long term (+2 years)