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About SIM International

SIM is an international mission organisation with more than 4,000 workers serving in more than 70 countries. SIM members serve God among many diverse people groups in every continent. SIM workers are international themselves, representing about 70 nationalities.

As a general mission organisation, we have several initiatives, and our mission workers serve in a wide variety of career fields. SIM ministries fall into the following four categories: leadership and service; outreach, disciple making and church planting; serving and equipping churches for missions and mobilising for missions.

We are actively looking for people who love Jesus and are willing to use their skills on one of our ministry teams worldwide. Are you interested in entering the mission field with SIM? Learn more about coming with SIM to bring the gospel to the world.

How SIM is structured

SIM is an association of mission entities who have voluntarily chosen to do ministry as one. The signatory entities are bound by the SIM Mission Agreement and embodied in the SIM Global Assembly (SIM GA). The SIM GA creates and charges the SIM Board of Governors to govern over SIM. The SIM Board of Governors appoints and commissions the SIM International Director to lead the organisation. The International Director is accountable to SIM Board of Governors.

The SIM Global Assembly, through the SIM Board of Governors and under the leadership of the International Director, effectively provides the mechanisms by which workers from one country can serve in another with SIM, and by which projects can be jointly supported and funded by multiple entities.

Each signatory entity within SIM has its own board or council, which is responsible for the governance of that entity. Signatory entities have significant autonomy and are subject to all legal requirement and limitations in the country of their incorporation. Each voluntarily signs the SIM Mission Agreement, which states our shared commitment to the gospel, to our unified purpose, mission and vision, to each other, and to our policies, principles and practices.