Medical Ministries

In one of the poorest countries in the world with few doctors per capita, we desire to express Jesus’ love and compassion by providing quality medical care while taking the opportunity to share God’s good news to those living and dying without Him. 

Viens et Sert

Hospital Directors 

Doctors/Fistula Surgeon 

Technical and support staff 

Physical Therapists/Nurses 



Pray for a Finance Manager for Galmi Hospital. This is an urgent need. 


Pray for funds needed to rehabilitate the aging infrastructures of our medical centres, and for construction personnel needed to supervise the work. 


Pray for Nigerien nurses and doctors who will catch the vision of sharing God’s good news with their patients. 


Pray for Hospital Directors for CSL-Danja, Danja Fistula Center, and Galmi Hospital. All of these are immediate needs.