Faithful Witness initiative launches two new teams

By Tim Allan | Faithful Witness in International

The Faithful Witness Initiative has just launched two new teams, taking the gospel to still more communities where Christ is least known. SIM is building these teams in places that, until now, have been totally closed to Christian workers. God has opened doors in astonishing ways. The first new location is in Central Asia, in a strategic border town from where the gospel can spread into neighbouring countries; the second is in a region of Africa still too sensitive to give any more detail.

There is no church and almost no Christian presence in these ‘forgotten communities’. Jonathan Finley, who leads the Faithful Witness in Forgotten Communities ministry, explains: “We have carried out careful research to ensure the infrastructure is in place to build and care for both new teams. The goal is to establish a sustainable witness where there wasn’t one before.

“One prerequisite was to have experienced leaders in place and God has provided this. Both leaders know their regions well, are mature disciples and effective shepherds of their growing teams. The first was born in the country where her team is serving; the second has served for many years in a neighbouring country, among the same people group.

“We are ready to receive workers in both locations. It’s exciting and I’d love to discuss the possibilities with anyone interested - email me at “There is a place for anyone God calls to make disciples among those with no gospel access. We are asking God to send us courageous Jesus-followers willing to take wise risks.”

Map of unreached people groups (Data source: Joshua Project / Feb 2023)

Faithful Witness began in 2019 and has mobilised 65 workers from 22 nations and five continents to serve in nine communities. The first three teams were sent to Chad, Mali and Thailand. Further teams were added in the Middle East, Northern Nigeria, Asia and North Africa. Faithful Witness continues to provide financial resources for these teams, subsidising worker support for up to five years and providing capital to start missional businesses.

To help with this challenge, Faithful Witness will launch its own website ( early next year, with a platform for online giving and plenty of new content to fuel prayer.


• For the leaders of the new teams to trust in God as they build relationships, build teams and, ultimately, build churches.

• For God to raise up more workers for all the teams so they can be more effective in witnessing to communities where Christ is least known.

• For the new Faithful Witness website, that it would engage new supporters who can pray for, and give to, these pioneering ministries.

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