Zion Evangelical Bible Schools (ZEBS) Lesotho

The aspiration of the Zion Evangelical Bible Schools (ZEBS) is to maintain and build strong contacts in South Africa, specifically in the District of Leribe, where more than 50 Ama-Zioni church leaders have expressed a desire to study God’s Word. Pray for a full-time teaching missionary to be sent to Lesotho, to help establish ZEBS in the District and beyond. 

This is an exciting open-door ministry, where God has gone ahead to touch the hearts of a syncretistic yet religious and numerous group of people, residing in an extremely remote area of Southern Africa. To learn more about how we are partnering to reach the Ama-Zioni of Southern Africa, please see the Zion Evengelical Movement of Africa (ZEMA) website: www.zema.org 

Come and Serve

Bible school lecturers - Missionaries with pioneering spirit to establish Zion Evangelical Bible Schools in Lesotho. 



Pray for a full-time missionary to establish the bible school. 


Pray that syncretistic, Old Testament followers would meet the Jesus of the New Testament. 


Pray the initial groundwork of establishing contacts and foundational teaching would continue with success.