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About Trauma Healing

The wounds of trauma are apparent in families, communities, and nations around the world. This includes trauma created by wars, conflict between people groups, civil disturbances, crimes, natural disasters, and epidemics.

SIM Trauma Healing is a church- and community-based outreach that equips believers with Bible-based and mental health principles to care for victims of trauma in their communities. Our vision is to overcome gospel-barriers created by trauma through biblical, compassionate trauma care and to see every person experience healing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Compelled by God’s great love and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we seek to equip the church to contend with brokenness and to proclaim the crucified and risen Christ.

Trauma Healing’s first lessons were drafted in 2001 by SIL members, mental health professionals, Bible translators, Scripture engagement consultants, and church leaders from war zones across Africa. Now, they have spread to every continent and have been translated into many languages.

In 2014, SIM members were trained in Trauma Healing and the lessons were implemented among the South Sudanese refugees in Kenya. This was soon followed by the training of leaders in Liberia in response to the spiritual and psycho-social crisis after the Ebola outbreak. God is using this ministry to engage people with the gospel in deeply meaningful ways.

SIM is a member of the Trauma Healing Institute Alliance, a group of organisations that is deeply committed to healing the wounds of trauma and working collaboratively through coordinated activities and shared resources.


Come and serve

Many people want to help those who are hurting. SIM uses Trauma Healing Institute (THI)’s model that applies scripture and mental health principles to spiritual and emotional wounds. SIM is looking for facilitators to lead healing groups and train others around the world. Healing groups help people find healing for heart wounds, engage with scripture and become resilient. These groups meet in several sequences and locations to accommodate the attendees needs.

Our lessons address scriptural examples of suffering and questions that arise from various forms of trauma. Topical lessons include:

• Domestic abuse

• Suicide

• Addiction

• HIV and AIDS related effects

• Abortion

• Care for caregivers

• Childhood trauma

Facilitators will learn how to guide healing groups, create safe places for people to talk and equip church leaders to help their members. The primary resource for training is Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help.

If you are interested in learning more about trauma healing or becoming trained as a facilitator, contact us today.


Pray with us

By prayer is SIM’s motto because it is truly by prayer that we praise God, seek his direction, request resources, and call upon the Holy Spirit to empower our ministries. By prayer is a call to action emphasizing important work to be done. We must intercede for those living outside of a saving relationship with Jesus, many of whom have never heard his name.

Please join us in praying for the following four things:



Pray that the Lord will raise up Trauma Healing Facilitators that are needed for the ministry.


Pray that the Lord will raise the resources needed, both financial and otherwise.


Pray that we will stay in step with Jesus all the way, led by his Holy Spirit and guided by his Word and his love for all people.


Pray that broken and wounded hearts will be healed through the ministry of Trauma Healing as people are pointed to Christ.