Phil Bauman is SIM’s new International Director


Phil Bauman will take over as SIM International Director when Joshua Bogunjoko steps down at the end of February, 2024.

Phil has served with SIM in senior leadership roles with SIM for more than 15 years, including as Ghana Director and, since 2020, as the Global Director of Strategic Development on SIM’s International Executive Team.

He said: “I am honoured and humbled to have been confirmed in this role by a vote of SIM members and by the Board of Governors. My prayer is that SIM can continue to grow in the direction set by Joshua, as we seek to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in places where he is least known.”

Canadian Phil, 52, lives just outside Toronto with his wife Andrea and will start his five-year term on March 1, 2024.

Phil and Andrea Bauman

He joined SIM in 2000, serving with his wife Andrea among the Sisaali people in northern Ghana. They moved to Accra in 2008 and Phil became Ghana Director in 2011. Phil has an engineering degree and an MA in Mission and Theology.

Dr Bogunjoko said: “I have worked closely with Phil for many years and firmly believe he is answering God’s call by taking on this role. I am excited to see his appointment and can clearly see the way God has led the search committee, the board and the whole mission in the process of selecting him.

“Phil is a gifted leader and will, I am sure, lead this wonderful organisation with courage, wisdom and distinction.

“My prayer is that God will lead, strengthen and encourage both Phil and Andrea as they prepare for this significant step in their lives and as they face the challenges that will certainly lie ahead.”

SIM International Board of Governors chair Gillian Phillips said: “Phil was the unanimous choice of the search committee and of the board.

“We are delighted he has agreed to take on this challenging role and can clearly see God’s hand in this. We pray for God’s blessing on his leadership and look forward to seeing the mission thrive under him.”



Please keep Phil and Andrea in your prayers as they prepare to take on this significant leadership role. We look forward with confidence and faith to what God will do with SIM through Phil’s leadership in the coming years. 


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SIM Asset Publisher Portlet

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