Murree Christian closes, search for MK educators ensues

By Tianna Haas | Pakistan in South Asia

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Christian families in Pakistan are in search of visionary educators for their children due to the closure of Murree Christian School.

After 65 years, the school shut down, complicating the studies of many missionary kids. One parent, whose oldest child attended Murree for four years, said: “The closure of MCS is bad news for us. We didn’t expect that. It is big loss for our family.

“It was a great privilege for our child to join and board there. We are discouraged, because our child lost a good, suitable school. Also, he lost wonderful staff, friends, house parents, daily spiritual programmes, and many interesting activities.”

Upon hearing the news of the school’s closure, their son called them and asked, “What is your plan for my future schooling?” The answer to this heart-breaking question is unclear for his family and others.

Alternative schools in the area adhere to the country’s majority religion. These parents would rather bring up their children according to God’s Word.

An SIM member and parent said: “We are very concerned about all our children’s future schooling as God called us to long-term kingdom work in Pakistan. We do pray that God may use [those] concerned … so that missionary families can work toward God’s mission in Pakistan and our children get a good education and achieve a blessed future.”

SIM has always focused on those far removed from the life-altering news of salvation in Jesus Christ – and the interior of Pakistan is such a place. Only a handful of mission organisations serve the interior Pakistani cities and towns.

The SIM Pakistan director said: “Some [families] are having to relocate. SIM Pakistan’s deputy director and his family are moving … That is a huge loss to us. Others who had hoped to stay in Pakistan for A-levels are now having to look at studying in passport countries. Some parents are considering moving their families home if no solutions can be found.”

To help parents continue in ministry and their children in learning, SIM Pakistan is actively recruiting two types of educators: an education coordinator and a teacher-tutor.

The education coordinator would pioneer a new system of small study centres using a combination of online and face-to-face instruction.

A teacher-tutor would come alongside young people in various locations throughout Pakistan. Instructors who are experienced in both classroom and one-on-one pedagogy would be best suited. Self-study methods and assessment will also prove useful, as many students will need to drive their own study at times.

The school briefly moved to Thailand after a terrorist attack in 2002. During this period, the school formed a study centre, and the team in Pakistan hopes to recreate this setup. The arrangement they hope to make would avoid familial separation.

The director said: “We are developing a flexible MK education model … where kids live with their parents and come together in community once a month for several days of learning together.”

In the interim, Christian workers are faithfully praying and waiting on educators that can inspire their children to love knowledge and enjoy the world God has created.

An SIM member and mother said: “I never saw myself as a home schooler. I don’t think I would have chosen it, but we came to the decision it was best for our children at the moment. … I’d love some help in the area of schooling.

“I feel like up to a certain age, my kids are doing alright, but I think beyond 10 or 11, it gets to the stage where I feel like I probably won’t know enough to teach them well. I’d love them to be taught by people who really know their subjects and love their subjects and can answer the weird and wonderful questions that my children ask.”

Nurture young disciples in Pakistan

Can you teach students in Pakistan and equip families to stay where he has called them? Contact the SIM Pakistan director today by emailing We can’t wait to hear from you.

Pray for:

• An education coordinator and teacher-tutor to respond to God’s call to guide MKs in Pakistan as they grow and learn.

• Christian workers in Pakistan’s interior to keep sharing the gospel with love and boldness.

• MKs as they adjust to the changes in schooling.

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