Community Services

SIM seeks to meet the needs of the communities it serves in. This opens doors to share the love of Jesus Christ with others. ODD (Open Door Development) started in 2012 to equip the Church to do community services. Seven years later, the village is equipped with running water, road repairs are frequently organized with the help of local churches and villagers, and an agricultural school tests new ways to have a more efficient way of using resources to grow plants.

You can learn more about who they are, what their goal is, and how they want to achieve it by visiting their website: or visit their Facebook page : Open Door Development

Come and Serve

Engineer/technical person to assist with the design, fabrication and testing of shallow well drilling equipment.  Assist with the setup of several well drilling teams.  Participate in fabrication and testing of Ag equipment, solar installation and other technical projects
Agriculture technician: looking for someone to work with existing Open Door Development agriculture initiatives.  Can focus on areas of training or testing or design and fabrication of ag tools.



Please pray for the Living Water shallow well drilling initiative.  ODD wants to take its experience over the last seven years with a single drilling team and expand to 30+ teams in the region.  Please pray for the advancement of the technical aspects of drilling and for good community partners.  Please pray that the Living Water Initiative will provide many opportunities to share the gospel across religious and cultural lines.


Please pray for the Fencing Micro-credit programme.  ODD is fabricating its own fencing and plans on offering fencing for gardens and fields.  Good fences allow for fields to be protected, soil to be improved and crops to be planted earlier which increases production and improves food security.