How a football club introduced God into Luis’ life

By Susan Akyeampong, Peru in South America

Luis playing football.

Without a light in the dark, it's easy to lose your way and stumble. Just like a parent wants their child to walk safely, God wants us to follow his light as we navigate life’s path. 

Two years ago in Pucallpa, Coach Tito Braga started a sports ministry with just four children at his church's small football field. Gradually, more children joined, invited by their mothers, expanding the group to include nieces, nephews, schoolmates, and neighbours.

One of these children was Luis.

Luis was very kind and laidback. He had fun learning new football techniques, and hearing God’s word. 

However, a weight on Luis's heart meant he had a bad attitude towards his mother and family at home. 

As Luis learned about Christ's love, his attitude towards his family changed. He became happier, and more obedient. 

The light of Christ is now shining through Luis and the children in the Pucallpa community, impacting and encouraging others to follow Christ. Join us in giving thanks for this growing community of light.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for Luis as he continues to learn and grow in his faith. May his positive change inspire others and strengthen his relationship with his family
  • Pray that the sports ministry in Pucallpa continues to grow, reaching even more children in the community and bringing them the light of Christ.


                                                                          Read Luis' Full Story 

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