Maninka Audio Media Outreach (MAMO)

Our vision at MAMO is to produce quality recordings which share Biblical truth for the some two million Maninka people of Guinea, most of whom are living and dying without hearing the Gospel of Christ. Our goal is to produce creative audio programmes which will facilitate: 

  • helping Maninka-speaking people, especially the non-literate, to hear the Gospel of Jesus in an understandable, oral manner, consistent with their preferred learning style. 
  • discipling and training Muslim background believers. 
  • ministering to human need. 

Come and Serve

Technical Assistant 

MAMO Project Coordinator 



Pray for the Holy Spirit to do the work of convincing those of the majority religion to turn to Jesus, as they listen to MAMO recordings on their mobile phones via micro SD cards. 


Pray for radio stations around Guinea willing to broadcast the eight God’s Story radio programmes. 


Pray for God’s provision for a teachable, technology-savvy Guinean person to become the studio “techie.”