Youth Workers Toolkit

SIM Kenya is preparing a training book set to equip youth leaders across East Africa to reach young people more effectively. The Youth Workers Toolkit (YWT) books and other materials will be distributed throughout Kenya and Uganda in conjunction with three-day conferences. The conferences will feature topics relevant to youth ministry. Young people under the age of 25 compose more than 60 percent of both Kenya and Uganda. Like many of their counterparts globally, these young people are leaving the church. This project is one way to counteract that trend. We believe the books and resources carefully chosen for this curriculum will enable youth leaders to equip young people in the areas of spiritual formation, peer relationships and evangelism.  

Come and Serve

Administrative Assistant 

Managing Coordinators 



Pray for the volunteers in Uganda and Kenya promoting the project, handling the local logistics and financial administration. 


Pray for the book set to be comprehensive, practical and relevant to the needs of youth workers throughout East Africa. 


Pray for the enormous task of compiling the sets, including printing, packing and delivering the toolkit boxes, selecting suitable conference speakers and other details. 


Pray for God to give each conference speaker the words to empower the SIM Kenya Youth ministries, providing further training and encouragement to the youth.