Leader Development

An initiative to develop the leaders and the leadership capacity of SIM has been commissioned by SIM to: 

  • Develop SIM leaders as servants, shepherds and stewards. 
  • Develop the leadership capacity of SIM by improving the leadership skills and practice of SIM leaders . 
  • Create a positive organisational culture of leadership that allows leaders to thrive, and values the exercise of the gifts of leadership. 

Come and Serve





Pray that we will grow leaders that are increasingly servants, shepherds and stewards and that godly leadership structures and systems will lead to greater fruitfulness in ministry. 


Pray that throughout the mission we will cultivate biblical attitudes towards leadership. 


Pray for the logistics of a good venues, scheduling, travel plans, and health and safety or all the leadership conference participants (and their families left at home). 


Pray mentors and leaders will work together via long distance for two years. Pray for good communication and that real development will happen through these relationships. 


Pray for the design team as they build and develop these leadership retreat events.