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  • El Sendero Youth Ministry

    The El Sendero Youth Ministry is looking for people passionate for reaching and discipling young people. We are currently working in the city of Loja and seeking to extend our ministries to the rural part of the province. There is great spiritual need in the youth community of Loja, where less than 2 per cent of the population have a true relationship with Jesus. We are looking for people to help us reach, disciple and equip young people by: - Using sports such as soccer, table tennis, and camping. - Using media such photography, video, social media, and graphic design. - Using arts such as drama, painting, and music. - Using the English language as a way to connect with youth. - Helping us run youth camps that seek to reach and train young people. - Teaching the Bible and training future youth leaders of the church. If you are passionate or have any of these gifts, talents, or skills, please consider coming and joining our team! As a ministry, our desire is to see young people (ages 15-25) in Loja and around Ecuador equipped to make disciples of Jesus in their communities through bold, creative, and biblical ministries. We desire to see young people live passionately for Jesus, serve in Christ-centred churches, and create unity and fellowship between churches in gospel work.

    Ecuador, South & Central America

    Long term (+2 years)
    Mid term (1 to 2 years)

  • Equipping the Team

    We see a flourishing SIM community, growing spiritually and in ministry competence, joyfully accomplishing SIM's mission and purpose.

    Ghana, West Africa

    Any duration