Engaging and supporting West African workers for cross-cultural missions

Our goal is to collaborate with churches and training partners to prepare and equip West African workers for cross-cultural missions. We will work with SIM entities and partners to enable those whom God is calling to find appropriate ministry placements. We will work with churches and other organizations to ensure that workers are supported, developed, and cared for in the areas of

* financial need

* ministry training

* professional skills

* children's education

* spiritual vitality (such as attending spiritual life conferences)

* team dynamics and relationships

* family problems




Pray for God to meet MK educational needs for WAMO missionary families. 


Pray for a deeper understanding of receiving entities who accept Global South missionaries on their teams.


WAMO needs a member care person, and we have an appointee who has skills and gifts in this area. Pray for her to find partners and funding to be able to minister full-time.


All of our WAMO missionaries come from countries in the lower income bracket and serve cross-culturally at significant personal cost. Pray that this project will help open the way for others to help WAMO missionaries in relation to their health and evacuation needs and service fees for the various SIM offices.