Rural Church Planting

Our aim is to equip and gather Christians in key rural areas to establish churches. We also actively evangelise through friendship and Bible-based ministries. 

Many areas of Paraguay are unreached by the gospel and have no evangelical witness.  These areas also suffer from a lack of resources and services.  Are you a doctor, nurse, teacher, mechanic, or other?  Many different gifts and talents are helpful to opening doors to the gospel in these communities and meeting physical needs.  Presently a doctor, an eye doctor, an appliance repairman, a retired school principle / handyman, a youth pastor, and others are serving and teaching in the countryside.  If you feel called to Paraguay but do not see your profession or gifts mentioned please contact your nearest SIM office to see how you might put them to good use for the love of Christ in Paraguay.  

Come and Serve




Medical Personnel of all kinds (nursing or MDs) 

Media Specialist 

Web Designer 

Recording Director 



Bible Teachers and Translators 



For the Lord to raise up evangelists and church planters from existing rural SIM churches to go to communities where He is not known. 


For our missionaries to have the health and stamina required for rural living. 


For our missionaries to have a growing dependence on the Holy Spirit and an increasing boldness to call on God for the seemingly impossible.