Ingessena and Least Reached

This ministry proceeds from our conviction that no one should live and die without having a chance to hear, understand, and believe the gospel. Our aim is to introduce people to Christ. 

The SIM South Sudan team is uniquely positioned near some neighbours from Blue Nile state, many of who need to hear about Jesus. To reach out to these least reached we propose to begin with the Ingessena who are very open to hearing but we do not propose to limit outreach to Ingessena only. The end point of our ministry is to, at the very least, disciple people from different tribes into small well-established churches, so that when they return to their homelands, they carry the message of life with them. 

Three main activities fall under this ministry heading: SIM Doro Clinic (98018), Sudan Harvest Worker (98400), and Church Discipleship (98103) but there could be more in the future. 

Come and Serve

Medical Personnel for Doro Clinic 



Pray for a leader for a two to three year chronological storytelling effort among the Ingessena. 


Pray for funding for Doro Clinic. 


Pray for the funding for the Harvest Worker project. 


Pray for more workers as it takes two years to get a new missionary fluent in ministry language. 


Pray our partner church would overcome their own challenges, catch the vision and reach out to their neighbours.