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SIM Tanzania (under SIM Kenya)
P.O.Box 1033
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Serving in Mission, UK
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West African Office
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Tel: + 225 07 89 35 35

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Connecting Little By Little

Building relationships in a religious community of Loja Province of Ecuador can be challenging, but God connects His workers with those He is seeking out!

How One Young Refugee Encountered Christ

My father’s urgent nudging woke me from a deep sleep: “Get up! Get up! We’ve got to go,” he said and, with that, we set off in our truck in the blackest night.

Your skills: Tools in God's hands

Four short stories describe how missionaries are using their God-given skills in their ministries.

Going To Stay: Demystifying the Life of Missionary Mothers

Are are stay-at-home "missionary moms" really “missionaries”? Does their sometimes exhausting work on behalf of their families negate their role in building the Kingdom of God?

Demonstrating The Father’s Love To The Fatherless

An AIDS and HIV orphan finds hope in Christ through an SIM ministry

Related Stories

Music academy develops talent, preserves Nigerian church music

Martha Bradford had no intention of teaching music in Nigeria. But today she is running a music academy and helping to preserve Nigerian church music.

SIM returns to Northern Nigeria

As Boko Haram's influence declines, SIM is moving north again to reestablish clinics and schools with ECWA

Evaluating risk and caring for missionaries

Risk is part of life, whether we stay home or become a missionary. And yet the parts of the world where Christ remains unknown are mostly the more dangerous ones.

God of the City: Church planting in Bangkok

Chris and Rawee are pastors at Grace Community Church (GCC) in Bangkok, and while the people gathering for Sunday service are obviously Christian, most Bangkokians are not, making church planting in the city a venture in reaching the least reached.

Could you be the gospel worker to help refugees in northern Greece?

God's people are at work in Greece, helping the thousands of people arriving from the Middle East.

Coffee, ginger ale and friendships

Missional business café a centre for community outreach in Japan

Empowering indigenous people to worship through the arts

Filipino Christians find unique cultural avenues for expressing their faith

The masked shiners of La Paz

SIM workers Randy and Dani Davis are establishing a church called Kayaparu ("at His feet") amongst one of Bolivia's least-reached communities - the shoe shiners of La Paz.

God has taught us to pray

Koreans Sung and Jae Ok Lee run the Rhizha Prayer and Retreat Centre near Jos, Nigeria. Since 2004 they have worked with the Evangelical Missionary Society, training missionaries and offering them a beautiful place to pray.

Skills for worship

Are we made simply for our own enjoyment or for something greater? Are our skills only for sale, or are they for worship?

God brings healing - Ministry in earthquake affected area

One year after the devastating Earthquake hit Ecuador, houses are still being rebuilt. But deep wounds remain from the trauma which is why SIM Ecuador is focusing on trauma healing in our continued relief efforts.

Demonstrating The Father’s Love To The Fatherless

An AIDS and HIV orphan finds hope in Christ through an SIM ministry

New ELWA Hospital launches a new era for Liberian healthcare

Nearly 2.7 million people have flowed through the hospital since 1965, receiving quality care in a country with one of the lowest doctor-patient ratios in the world.

The Pastor's Role in Developing a Missions-Minded Church

Working among an unreached people group is so important in developing a passion for mission in pastors and church leaders.

Stitching dreams

Producing artisanal handicrafts and walking through life's hardships.

Hope on the hard streets

Mimi's father died when she was only 10 years old and her family was left without anyone to provide for their them.

New wells bring typhoid relief to Niger villages

With an alarming typhoid rate, Galmi Hospital research is spurring new prevention measures

Building the Church by motorcycle

The somewhat imaginary path dwindled away, and we couldn't make ourselves imagine it going any farther. We stopped the motorcycle and laughed.

Pop-up clinic leads Liberians to the Lord

A temporary clinic in a suburb of Liberian capital Monrovia is bringing people to Christ in the most unexpected ways.

Going To Stay: Demystifying the Life of Missionary Mothers

Are are stay-at-home "missionary moms" really “missionaries”? Does their sometimes exhausting work on behalf of their families negate their role in building the Kingdom of God?

Chicken dinner ministry

Inmates take part in the Great Commission by donating from what they have.

Sorani Kurdish Bible translation finally complete

Translation for northern Iraq community finished after 28 years of work.

What if God calls you to be an architect?

Our professional callings are pre-ordained to be spheres of service to God.

Gospel Hope Transforms Lives of Addicted Couple

Our partners in Mongolia are doing some astonishing gospel work among people with addictions, helping them out of their dependencies and into a living relationship with Jesus Christ. This is a first-person account of how one woman's life has been transformed.

The surprising ways God is at work in Bolivia - VIDEO

SIM has a commitment to the least reached people, where there is no gospel. In Bolivia this includes indigenous groups, rural residents and urban dwellers.

My story: Cries of the heart

Experience at an aftercare home for victims of human trafficking has taught one carer how facing the deep brokenness in our own hearts can be transformed into a deeper understanding of God.

Where the sun doesn't shine - video

SIM Bolivia reaches out to the miners of Potosí and dreams of them going in the mines singing praises to the Lord.

Peruvians learn about clean water and the Living Water

Life-threatening diseases are being tackled by a unique partnership between a water engineer, a dentist, a nurse and an evangelist in remote parts of Peru.

The need for discipleship

Discipleship is vital for new believers and their personal growth in Christ. A missionary shares her experience.

Kung fu Kwan

Kung fu master, Kwan, is living proof that almost any skill can be used in cross-cultural mission.

Hindu Prayer Booklet

As many Hindus celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights, many Christians will be praying that the True Light will be made known amongst them.

Being one in a million: hope through occupational therapy in Niger

Occupational therapy helping Nigeriens regain mobility and engage with their world in new ways.

Crossing barriers to Filipinos

Ibrahim, a former Filipino Muslim, and his wife Mae are crossing cultural and religious barriers in Mindanao to support Islamic communities and the people who serve them. Through local arts, storytelling and the House of Barnabas retreat centre they are hoping to introduce Muslim Filipinos to the prophet Isa (Jesus).

How Can Churches Financially Support Their Missionaries?

"We can fully support them. We have been giving from our pocket. But we’ve not yet given from our cattle, our trees or our grain. We have not yet given our blood. We have to support them by ourselves.”

Modelling the Christian faith through relationships

Living out our faith with sincerity is often a powerful avenue for the Holy Spirit to minister to others

Your skills: Tools in God's hands

Four short stories describe how missionaries are using their God-given skills in their ministries.

Loving the oppressor (and not only the oppressed)

The Bible talks about loving the oppressed – the widows and orphans, those who have suffered and have been treated unjustly. But what about loving the oppressors, the ones who have sinned against others? In Myanmar, the Bamar majority people are seen as oppressors and the perpetrators of some of the worst violations to human rights. These are the people Sandra and Tim want to share Jesus with.

World Refugee Day 2017

SIM Canada reaches out to diverse communities at its doorstep

Making cancer treatment a reality

In a place where treatment is out of reach for most, donations have made a way for Galmi Hospital to give hope to some Nigeriens

Filling empty spaces

When Jyoti was first diagnosed with HIV, she was already pregnant with her daughter. The government hospital referred her to Shalom, whose workers offer the love of Christ, care, counselling, support and community. Shalom has been the one constant source of comfort to Jyoti since.

Danja Fistula Center Brings Hope

Salome is the first person in her Nigerien family to attend school.

Loving our neighbours at a cost

Crossing cultural barriers to demonstrate concern for minorities in China

A spirit of freedom

When Prang came to know Christ, she finally felt freedom from the evil spirits that used to plague her.

New missions Centre carries SIM Philippines into new era

The time intensive plants take tending and patience, finally yielding a crop many years after planting. So it goes with ministry to minority religious groups in the Philippines.

Open doors: affordable education where it is scarce in South Asia

Allied Model School still a blessing to the community as it turns 40.

Fasting with our neighbors during Ramadan

Observing the traditional fast creates opportunities for meaningful conversation.

Latinos reaching Latinos: God at work in rural Ecuador

Martha was always full of questions. From the first time she attended the Bible study, her desire to know more was evident.

Opening doors through business in North Africa

Language and culture education business creates employment and ministry opportunities.

God is not done with me

Latinos for global missions! Read about a young Ecuadorian impacted by God, ministering to students of his home country, and preparing for missions.

A new wave of Latino missionaries

Nearly every Latino candidate I meet wants to work in the unreached places of the world and do some of the hardest work. God is raising up a new wave of missionaries in South America, and we are joyfully equipping them for service and sending them to these unreached areas of the world.

How Our Small Church Grew a Big Heart for Mission

As pastors we can, to a large extent, help to shape the direction of our churches. It is a major part of our responsibility to exert godly influence on the life and direction of the people under our care. That’s why we are called leaders.

Piano bench ministry

Over the past two years, I would never have guessed the number of opportunities that would come from playing in an orchestra.

Going where there is no gospel in Asia

"Julie" is part of a small team hoping to bring the word of God and maybe, one day, the first church among the Central Asian minority we call "Cheuasai."

Amid challenges, God at work in Mali ministries

From the outside looking in, ministering in Mali is a formidable task.

When women come together

During Lent, our community supports us as we experience the hard gifts of fasting. The community between Prabhouti, Pavitr, and Sambha - the ease with which they trusted and laughed with one another - almost made me jealous. Hearing their story makes me long to create the same sort of community around me.

In the wake of Ebola, SIM offers ground-breaking medical treatment

In immense pain, James entered the Ebola survivor treatment unit in February 2015. Ebola had left his body months before, but he couldn't ignore the side effects any longer. His right eye was entirely clouded and the pain in his joints meant he could barely walk to the examination room.

Meeting the needs of migrants in Malaysia

In the case of Malaysia, the Lower House of Parliament in a 2015 session revealed a figure of 2.7 million registered migrants in the country.

A Ministry of dreaming

I am usually not a dreamer, but following that discussion I had a dream where I decided to cut my hair. In my dream, as I turned my head sideways my face turned into one of the local U people.

Chileans to China

When Hans and Carmen Ziefle went to Chile as SIM missionaries in 1994, the Lord had put a strong desire in their hearts to mobilise Chileans to the mission field.

Off the streets of India, into a new life

Shilpa is a survivor of sexual abuse. When she first came to the Redlight Greenlight aftercare home, she struggled to participate in school, group therapy, dance or art. She would compare herself to the other girls and say, "I can't do this right," before getting angry and just giving up altogether.

Ten Million Hui with no church

Warren is from a Hui Muslim home. As his parents have become older, they've also become very devout muslims. But for Warren, life has been busy with running his restaurant business and family responsibilities.

Nigeriens read Tamajaq New Testament for first time

After 30 years of hard work, the New Testament in Tamajaq is complete.

Two years after Ebola, survivors find new hope in trauma counseling

Nancy Writebol remembers the exact moment her husband David told her she had the Ebola Virus Disease.

Child soldier to follower of Christ

YooTaa remembers the day God saved his life.

Cultivating a generous spirit

Let us accept that the itinerary and ministry of Elisha described in II Kings 4:8-17 fits the profile of a 21st century missionary. The question then is: Whose responsibility is it to care for Elisha?

New Uruguay mission school has vision for world missions

SIM has a commitment to see Uruguay reached for Christ. And through key partnerships with like-minded organisations, a new missionary training school called Todos Oiran (All Will Hear) is opening its doors in Montevideo, Uruguay.

An audience of 150,000 and growing

For gifted evangelists such as Getachew, the movement of 16 different Sudanese tribes from hard to reach areas into a single refugee area, presents a wonderful opportunity. It's an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with many more people.

The Yao of Mozambique hear the gospel for first time

Eleven years ago, God placed a dream in our hearts to teach his Word to people in Mozambique who have never heard his message.

A jar of oil and a handful of flour

Today in Africa there are many churches – even small ones – that are sending or taking steps towards sending missionaries. A giving church is obeying God’s commandment to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. But what if your church is not yet giving financially to mission?

A child of war becomes a man of peace

Joseph Kur was a boy soldier in the Sudanese Civil War, both witnessing and committing terrible acts while still a child.

Deep conversations flourish during Ramadan

While some leave this country during the hot months, we stay for the opportunities to talk about our faith

We do whatever it takes to start new churches!

The son of a Methodist father and a Muslim mother, Shodankeh Johnson serves with New Harvest Global Ministries in Sierra Leone. Making use of the principles of DMM (Disciple Making Movements), he and his team have planted some 2,000 churches.

Ecuador earthquake disaster relief - One month later

God is at work, even through the aftermath of the destructive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck coastal Ecuador on April 16.

God's plan for devastated Doro

Missionaries returned to the South Sudan settlement of Doro, just three months after the compound was destroyed by fighting between rival armed groups.

Economic and spiritual hope for North Africa

Missional business creates avenues for work and relationships to people in need

"They called us insane!"

The harvest is ripe in the rural area of Loja province. Read more about a couple in a small village finding freedom in Christ and about the challenges they face in their community.

The Nepal earthquake: One year later

One year after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, causing massive loss of life, widespread homelessness and billions of dollars in damage, the nation continues to heal and rebuild. In Dhading, one of the districts most devastated by the quake, SIM and partner organization United Mission to Nepal (UMN) carry on with reconstruction work.

Youth ministry San Francisco

Building bridges in the community through teamwork and a labor of love

How One Young Refugee Encountered Christ

My father’s urgent nudging woke me from a deep sleep: “Get up! Get up! We’ve got to go,” he said and, with that, we set off in our truck in the blackest night.

Mustafa's Miracle

Through an incredible encounter of God’s power over witchcraft, Mustafa became a believer--and his friend Nabi made plans to kill him.

Nepal earthquake recovery - The long road back to normal

It was a typical Saturday, the day of rest and of worship for all faiths in Nepal. In the village of Kichot, people gathered in Sinkilebenezer Church for their usual worship service. Butel was finishing his sermon when he realized the communion elements were missing.

Two years later, Liberians find healing from Ebola's emotional scars

In January 2016, the World Health Organization announced that the Ebola epidemic in West Africa was over. In reality, the crisis is far from over for many who were caught up in the worst of it.

20 years later, God finds Pradip in Nepal

When Pradip* was a young boy growing up in Eastern Nepal, he found a Hindi Bible. Even though it was not in his native language, he was able to read through the whole book and see the love of Jesus.

Meeting migrants at our doorstep: SIM missionaries looking to Europe

In the past year, we have witnessed the worst migrant crisis in living memory, as more than 1.2 million people have fled to Europe to escape poverty and war.

Six months in China: Short-term internship, long-term perspective

The students - all studying at a local university - have come to her 12-week class to improve their English. Rachel is here for a different reason.

Prabhouti’s Wedding

Traditionally, Prabhouti should have married years ago. Girls in her village are married early – sometimes as young as twelve years old – just like their mothers were before them.

MANI 2016: Hearing and Obeying God in Times Like These

More than 560 delegates from more than 50 countries gathered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 7-11 March for the third consultation of the Movement for African National Initiatives (MANI).

Choosing School

Ashish’s father is a farmer, as was his grandfather, and their grandfathers before that. Even as farming becomes less likely to sustain a family, Ashish and his parents planned on him becoming a farmer, too.

Modelling the Christian faith through relationships

Living out our faith with sincerity is often a powerful avenue for the Holy Spirit to minister to others.

With God's Help, Kumari is Standing Against Giants in South Asia

SIM ministries are helping women caught in the sex trade stand up against crime and find hope

Blind Manglo has a vision for the future

In our finite existence and brokenness, we continue to find hope and meaning in a God of infinite hope. Manglo may not yet know Jesus as her Lord and Saviour, but the door to salvation has been opened.

Connecting Little By Little

Building relationships in a religious community of Loja Province of Ecuador can be challenging, but God connects His workers with those He is seeking out!

Equipping Church Leaders

Ecuador, South America Equipping Church Leaders ...


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Compassion Ministries

Ecuador, South America Compassion Ministries ...

GAWG Content

Grow as We Go is SIM’s effort to resource you in as you seek to participate in SIM’s purpose and mission. We acknowledge that the vision God gave us is huge and so we affirm that we must do it...


Convinced! A Bible study on the SIM Purpose & Mission Statements ...

Convinced Text

Convinced! is a bible study on the purpose and mission statement of SIM. Objectives: to communicate the Purpose and Mission of SIM, and why these matter to affirm from Scripture why...


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Youth Ministry 3D

Ecuador, South America Youth Ministry 3D ...