No one should live and die without hearing the good news of Jesus Christ but that is still a reality for many people today.  

Less than five percent of all missionaries and mission funding go to places where people have never heard the gospel. The traditional approach to missionary mobilization, support raising, and missionary placement usually depends on the presence of other missionaries in locations, and cannot address this imbalance. SIM’s Faithful Witness in Forgotten Communities project is designed to do so. 

How will this be done?

SIM has an established history of more than 125 years of gospel work starting in Africa and now around the world. We know it is difficult to start work in areas where no other missionaries exist. The project will support new ministry efforts by funding workers from different countries to become missionaries. This will allow the project to launch and establish healthy, multicultural teams of faithful witnesses who will demonstrate the goodness of Jesus Christ in communities where people currently live and die without ever having one Christian friend. Over the next two
years, we will launch and support six teams of 12 to 15 faithful witnesses in new communities. If teams are to be launched, they will need three critical areas of support: prayer, finance, and people.