West Africans for Global Missions

The West Africa sending office (WAO) located in Cote d’Ivoire has the responsibility to help send West Africans who have felt the call of God to serve cross culturally. WAO is blessed with missionaries across the world serving in various capacities and this has given birth to a new project called West Africans for Global Missions (WAGloM)-Project 95379.

The project -WAGloM is designed to encourage more West Africans to serve in global missions. We believe the work of missionaries thrive when churches and individuals partner with them in fulfilling their ministry. It is in this vein that we invite you to come and join as a partner for this project.

Global Missions requires sacrifices of various forms and we desire that our ministry teams live out the gospel where Christ is least known through your support. There are many difficulties in raising 100% support, so our prayer is that your contributions will free our workers and teams to fulfil the mission and vision God has given to the church, to reach those living and dying without Christ in communities where He is least known.

Funds coming into this project will support WAO missionaries based upon current needs whiles distribution of funds will be done dilligenlty through a three member committee.

It is our prayer that your support will open a door for more West Africans to engage in global missions. We hope your donation will make this project- West Africans for Global Missions (WAGloM)-Project 95379 worth pursuing.

May the Spirit of God guide you to give as you can!



Pray for churches and individuals to give courageously and generously to global work


Pray that local churches will embrace the vision for Christ's global missions and encourage others to take part.