Theological Institute of Lichinga

Our hope is to establish a Bible institute in Lichinga which will be paired with a technical school. The vision is to provide much-needed biblical training to pastors and lay leaders in the church, while also giving them a skill in order to support their families as they minister. 

Viens et Sert

Teaching staff - To provide theological classes and mentorship. 

Technical trainers - To provide in-depth technical skills from electricians, mechanics, plumbers, carpenters and more. 



Pray that local churches will be active in helping to open the school. 


Pray that the school will receive the necessary government registration.


Pray for the development of a small group of believers for the Board. 


Pray for funds to purchase land and construction of the facilities. 

Other Ministries from this Country

Biblical Literature

Creation or translation and printing and making available of Biblical literature in the north of Mozambique.

Church Planting Among the Yao

Our aim is to plant indigenous churches among the Yao people group.

Biblical Literature

La creación o traducción e impresión y fabricación disponible de literatura bíblica en el norte de Mozambique.

Church Planting Among the Yao

Nuestra meta es plantar iglesias indígenas Yao entre el pueblo Yao.