Life in the Sahel: A missionary kids perspective in Niger

By Ana | Niger in West Africa

Just like that, four years in Niger is over and I would not exchange these past years for anything. Memories of my time here go through my mind, like visiting the last herd of wild giraffes in West Africa, simply taking pictures around town, meeting new people, going on an amazing senior class road trip, visiting the nearby orphanage every Wednesday, and so much more. All these experiences and adventures have taught me so much.

At school, I didn't only learn in the classroom, but the people around me taught me about community, the importance of being a Christ-centered servant and what true friendship looks like.

Outside of school, through the people of Niger and the orphanage I visited, I learned about love, the importance of education (thanks to my awesome parents and the ministry they do here), joy in the simple things, and the importance of relationships.

My time here in Niger will never be forgotten, the good and the challenging. It is because of these experiences and lessons that I have grown and that I am the person I am today!

Although I will miss Niger and the people here, I am so excited for new experiences and new friendships that will come as I begin my university studies. Even though the transition will be challenging, God will be there by my side, and he always will be!

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