What will the teams do? 

The most effective way to introduce people to the gospel is through relationships. Relationships develop and deepen over time, but begin in the language and culture learning phase, during which trust and friendships move people to want to know more about the gospel. As the worker’s friends learn more about the gospel, they are convicted of the truth and often become Christians. As they are discipled, these new Christians will come together to form a church. This long-term ministry is starting from scratch, goals, and objectives will be further honed and tailored to specific communities as the team gets to better know the community. The work will be specific to each team and culture but may include things like sharing meals, getting coffee or possible community projects.


Who will lead these teams?

The leaders will either be SIM workers or workers from partner organizations.  They will generally already be in the country or region and have experience doing ministry with the general culture (i.e. Thai, Arabic speaking Africans). They will also have a willingness to take on the roles and to help others start ministry. 


Who can join a team?

The teams will be intentionally multicultural. As such, this project will not support more than four missionaries from any one sending office. The make-up and dynamics of the team are critical to its success. Teams will be designed to have workers from a wide variety of locations with more focus on supporting missionaries coming from places outside of traditional sending countries like the United States. 


Where will teams be placed? 

We currently have opportunities in Chad, Mali, and Thailand.  


Connect with your local SIM representative?

Would you like to become part of bringing the gospel to communities where He is least known? We are seeking those willing to come join us through prayer, resourcing, and serving.  Please contact one of these SIM offices around the globe.


For countries not shown above, please email global.faithfulwitness@sim.org to be connected with a mobilizer.  We look forward to hearing from you!