Are there other Christians at my University?
Universities are places where the faith of Christians is put to the test. They need encouragement to know they are not alone as believers and how to share the gospel with their classmates. Read more about how young students are being impacted through the ministry at the Universities of Loja.

By Carlos Ruiz, Ecuador in South America

Schools, especially universities, are places where the faith of Christians is put to the test. The reality is that most students do not know how to debate from the Bible against humanist and postmodern ideas. Through study groups and biblical reflection, we seek to accompany and empower young Christians so that their faith does not fade away, but rather that they use this stage of life as students to share their faith. In addition, as a strategy, this ministry has created spaces of companionship through monthly meetings and student camps.

Pablo C., an architecture student from one of the universities in Loja, tells how young Christians from all over the country meet once a year at a Christian camp to strengthen their faith and create links with other young people. "What caught my attention at the camp was the unity that existed between all the men and women that attended," he says. "It did not matter which city they had come from - the love of Christ that unites us prevailed throughout the camp. I liked what they taught in the camp through the devotionals, biblical exposition, and above all, the workshops that, in my opinion, were incredible. A camp is an opportunity that God gives us so that we get closer to Him, learn more about our Creator, and remember the true meaning of the gospel to share it with others. "

The work of reaching the university with the gospel in the city of Loja began more than 25 years ago by the Community of Evangelical Students of Ecuador (CECE). People who were touched through this ministry are now pastors in different congregations. Today, the university community has grown, and it is estimated that between the two universities where CECE works there are more than 15,000 students. In this ministry we have focused on reaching young people in the university between the ages of 18 to 25. We aspire to reach them, disciple them, and equip them so they can be the leaders that influence their congregations, universities, and society in general.

We ask that you pray for more young Christians in the universities of Loja to be courageous and look for creative ways to share the gospel of Jesus with their peers.