Malaysia Initiative

This initiative seeks a global refocusing of SIM on the historic and essential priority of a "pioneering focus on those living and dying without the gospel." This will be addressed through new initiatives and refinements in six areas: 

1) Outreach Development - take ministries to those who are living and dying without the gospel; 

2) Focused Mobilisation - focus our communications and mobilisation towards ministries among those who are beyond the reach of the gospel; 

3) Resource Development - develop relationships with those who want to resource ministry amongst those who are beyond the reach of the gospel and ensure that workers from anywhere are resourced for ministry; 

4) Spiritual Vitality - continually fan into flame our spiritual vitality as we depend on God to empower for sacrificial service; 

5) Ministry Training - train and equip our people to be effective in ministry in challenging contexts; 

6) Leadership Development - help resilient leaders grow and flourish and develop a culture that nurtures leaders. 



Pray the Malaysia Initiative Implementation Task Force will be effective and this initiative will launch SIM into ministry opportunities among those who live and die without hearing the gospel of Christ.