MK Education

As our rural team in Paraguay grows, we are finding a greater need for teaching in a variety of areas to aid our homeschoolers where resources and internet are limited. If you have an area of expertise or if you are trained in teaching, you may be an essential part of the church planting ministry in Paraguay. Currently there are not many opportunities for the education of our high school kids and almost all our missionary families rely on home education.

Our younger students could also greatly benefit from supplemental teaching in a variety areas. This position lends itself to other ministry too, especially for those who are interested in youth, church planting, development, etc. If you have a heart for kids who have grown up overseas and for homeschoolers, then this position is for you.

Ven y Sirve

Homeschool Coordinator

Education Specialist

Homeschool Teacher, Private Tutor

Dorm, Hostel Parents



Pray as families serve together in Paraguay that the little ones will grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.


Pray that education of Missionary Kids will not be hindered while their families serve in Paraguay.


Pray that many will come alongside to further the work in Paraguay.