Quechua Ministry

The 4 million Quechua spread throughout central Bolivia make up one of the largest least-reached groups in Latin America. Christ is still not known among many remote Quechua communities in the mountains and jungles.

We envision multicultural teams serving with compassion and empowering Quechua communities to address needs such as medicine and safe water. We encourage missionaries from other Latin American countries or from newer sending contexts to join these teams.

Our multicultural medical team serving Potosí and the surrounding rural communities represents the only missionary presence among the Quechua in that part of Bolivia. This team is also involved in orality-based outreach and training. SIM missionaries in Sucre are currently studying the Quechua language and culture intensively in order to engage in storytelling ministry in rural Quechua communities where Christ is not known. 

Come and Serve

Engineer for Water Development
Primary Care Physician



Pray for wisdom as we seek to minister to Quechua in urban and rural settings, and for discernment to know how to respond to each group’s specific needs. 


Pray that the Quechua church would understand salvation by grace and that believers need to demonstrate grace in their daily lives.