God is not done with me
Latinos for global missions! Read about a young Ecuadorian impacted by God, ministering to students of his home country, and preparing for missions.

By Kaisa*, Ecuador in South America

“My family is not doing well financially and I am going to spend all this money? Is this really right? I will just send some money to the people in Haiti.” Those thoughts started coming up in Kaisa's mind just before a mission trip to Haiti, where God had led him to go. However, he didn’t have any peace because he knew he was being disobedient to the Lord.

One morning as this young Ecuadorian was going to work, his motorcycle broke down. Kaisa went to a shop to get it fixed. As he was waiting, he saw a man standing on the sidewalk about 50 feet away. The man seemed to be waiting for the bus. Suddenly, Kaisa saw the man throwing himself under a big truck. The man died instantly. Kaisa was shocked. He had never seen a man commit suicide right in front of him!

A few minutes later his motorcycle was fixed, and as he was driving back to work he started crying. The slow motion image of the man taking his life was playing over and over again in his head, “God, why did you allow me to see such a horrible thing?” He understood that God wanted to teach Him a lesson, speaking to his heart, "Kaisa, this is a fallen and lost world and the gospel is the only message of salvation. Money won’t give eternal hope to the hopeless. Go and preach!" After this event he decided to go on the mission trip to Haiti.

During his time in Haiti, Kaisa saw God moving in the hearts of many people. He and his team led Bible studies, worked in orphanages, and worked alongside locals on house building projects. In that place Kaisa understood that God wanted to use his life in places where the gospel had not yet been preached. God taught Kaisa that He is worthy to receive praise from all people and that everyone who claims to be a true follower of Christ is called to be passionately involved in the Great Commission. On his last day in Haiti, he prayed: "Here I am, Lord! Send me!".

In 2013, two years after his experience in Haiti, the Lord opened the door for Kaisa to serve in East Asia. Asia is the largest and most populous continent, home to one-fifth of the world's population. With a wide variety of religions, there are millions of people who still haven't heard the gospel. Kaisa served there for two years, learning the language, reaching and discipling university students, and leading Bible studies in a house church. He realized the great need the church has for biblical discipleship.

Kaisa returned to Ecuador, but there is still the desire on his heart to go back to Asia. Since some countries there are closed to "traditional missionaries," a teaching degree would be a great platform on which to serve. As Kaisa has been seeking God's will, God has opened a tremendous door as he receives preparation both academically and theologically for Asia and doing ministry at the same time – in his home country, Ecuador.

In September, Kaisa will move to Loja, in Southern Ecuador. As he completes his studies for a higher degree, Kaisa will be involved in evangelism and discipleship among university students. During undergrad years, many students are asking a lot of questions and seeking answers about their lives that are only found in the good news of Jesus Christ. His desire is to support the local church in crossing barriers on university campuses in order to make disciples who make disciples.

Kaisa is convinced that God has called him to minister to unreached people groups in East Asia, but he has no doubt that his university ministry in Loja and his further studies will prepare him for long term mission work overseas. 

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*Name changed for security purposes