Empowering, Equipping and Networking

Our desire is to equip Nepali Christians to grow in their faith to live and work for the greater benefit of all Nepalis. We seek to build the capacity of Nepali Christian NGO/CBOs in the areas of management, communication, donor liaising, spiritual vitality, health and development; mentoring staff within these NGOs and encouraging them to participate in and fulfil His mission.

We seek to build the capacity of Nepali Christian Professional Associations in the fields of health, education, civil service, the arts and finance. We seek to work more closely with Bible colleges in Nepal to help them develop and teach theologies of migration, work and integral mission.

We work with church leaders to develop teaching and group study resources that can be used to help believers prepare for migration and to be missional, safe and able to nourish healthy family lives. We enable churches in Malaysia, India and other locations to minister to Nepali migrants and linking migrants who have become believers while overseas. 

Come and Serve

Sanjaal Development Manager 



Pray for more personnel, including a Sanjaal Development Manager. 


Pray for funding for this ministry. 


Pray for the vision of the church in Nepal and in the Nepali Diaspora. 


Pray for wisdom in developing plans, budgets and proposals for the ministry.


Pray for favour with the government of Nepal in requesting a 5-year project agreement that includes expatriate visas for through 2020.