Counselor Training and Education

Sri Lanka, South Asia

The aim is to teach and develop a diploma and master’s-level counseling programme at Colombo Theological Seminary (CTS). The programme will integrate psychology and theology, to meet a serious lack in the Sri Lankan church and the need in Sri Lanka for trained counselors. This is a pioneering ministry in the Protestant church. Over the past two years, CTS counseling classes have had increasing interest, with 25-40 students attending. The seminary currently offers only a Certificate programme in Christian counseling. 

With no other accredited Christian counselor training programme offered in Sri Lanka, the needs and the interest are immense. Fulfilling and sustaining the vision of the programme at higher levels requires more trained faculty. Those who come to Colombo could also meet a pressing need through providing counseling services for the urban, English speaking population, as well as training lay counselors in other regions of Sri Lanka with the use of interpreters into Sinhala and Tamil. 



Pray for the provision of counseling lecturers to develop and sustain the current certificate programme in counseling at Colombo Theological Seminary.


Pray for a Christian counseling centre to be developed in Colombo. 


Pray for training and development of competent lay and professional Christian counselors for Sri Lanka. 

Prayer Resources


2018 SIM Founders Day

The past year has been one of celebrating God’s faithfulness over 125 years. What a wonder that He would choose ordinary people like our founders—and like us—to take forward the gospel. However, after the rhythm of celebration comes the rhythm of work. We have celebrated a great harvest of the past. Now let us pray for the harvest of the future.

10 Days of Prayer

Every year, we take the ten days from the Ascension of Christ to Pentecost as a time of prayer. This year we focus on different aspects of joy, in part because of our 125th anniversary year celebrations. We hope that this resource can guide you each day as we look at what the Bible says about joy in our lives.

2019 SIM Prayer Guide

Welcome to SIM's 2019 Prayer Guide. We hope that this book will inform, inspire and lead friends like you to pray for SIM ministries and workers around the world. Information on our countries includes the team's vision, types of ministry, prayer points, and descriptions of communities where Christ is least known. The entire Guide can be prayed over in a one-month rotation (see Prayer Calendar, pg 4), or at a pace of your choosing.