"Pastors' Book Set" Conferences Held in Namibia

"Pastors' Book Set” is an SIM project where Christian books are given away to pastors and Christian leaders at a training seminar. The goal of this ministry is to provide teaching tools and materials to 1,400 Christian workers in Namibia and to provide biblical teaching at the eight different Pastors' Book Set (PBS) conferences. Since Christian materials are so expensive for most Namibians, in some cases this may be the only opportunity pastors and Christian leaders have to experience sound Bible teaching. It’s also an chance for pastors from different denominations to learn, pray, and worship together.

We want to promote access by other partner ministries in Namibia to these 1,400 Christian workers serviced by the PBS in Namibia. We desire to provide fellowship and networking among Christian leaders of different churches in Namibia. The urgency and interest of Namibian Christian workers for these books and resources is acute. The response to the delivery of the first phase was overwhelming, and our goal is to see the completion of this project. 



Pray that God’s wisdom will be evident in the selection of relevant, understandable, and contextual books so that Namibian Christian workers will be blessed with what is most effective for their context. 


Pray that Namibian Christian leaders who receive these books would be led by God’s Spirit to “study to show themselves approved, workmen that need not be ashamed, but rightly dividing the Word of truth.” (II Tim. 2:15). 


Praise God that additional churches and believers are making strong investments in the Namibian Pastors Book Set conferences.