Church Partnerships In Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands

We want to establish a SIM leader and mobiliser in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands who will work with churches and Bible colleges in order to facilitate church growth and fulfill Christ's global mission.

Come and Serve

SIM Leader/Mobiliser - Must be a person with a passion for Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands who will equip and empower churches and seminaries to mobilise missionaries. 



Pray for more churches in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands to embrace the vision for Christ’s global mission and joyfully serve. 


Pray for more labourers to be sent to the harvest field of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, especially to the unreached. 


Pray for more local churches to begin reaching out to other cultures in their neighborhoods. 


Pray for more funds for SIM missionaries from Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. 

Other Ministries from this Country

Church Partnerships

To facilitate more churches in Australia to fulfill Christ’s global mission and cross-cultural mission locally.

Mobilisation for Christ’s Global Mission

We want to mobilise more people, prayer, and funds for Christ’s global mission, especially to those who live and die without Christ in South Asia.

Church Partnerships

Facilitar que más iglesias en Australia cumplan la misión global de Cristo y la misión transcultural localmente.

Mobilisation for Christ’s Global Mission

Queremos movilizar a más personas, oración, y fondos para la misión global de Cristo, especialmente donde viven y mueren sin Cristo en el sur de Asia.