Christian Education

The Christian Education ministry seeks to reach children, one of Niger’s most vulnerable groups, with the good news of Jesus Christ. The Christian Education team works with Christian Nigerien teachers, giving them the tools to become better teachers to enable them to teach from a Christian worldview. 

Come and Serve

Teachers (various subjects) 

Pedagogy Adviser 



Pray for our missionaries in Niamey and Maradi who are working to train teachers. They are overwhelmed with the needs and desire our prayers for daily strength and wisdom. 


Pray for teachers who interact with children on a daily basis, that they would show Christ’s love to those created in His image in a way that draws children and their families to Jesus. 


Pray for creative ways of increasing true learning, not just memorising and repeating back the material, in the classrooms.


Pray for more teachers who can train Nigerien teachers.