Asunción Guest House & Conference Centre

The aim of this conference centre in Asunción is to provide a place where rural SIM missionaries may stay and rest when in the capital city as well as providing a large meeting place. It will provide workers from other ministries a place to stay when they are in Asunción and offer boarding facilities for SIM missionary kids (MKs) who need to study in Asunción while their parents serve in rural areas.

This centre will provide a conference area for SIM and other organisations to use for key meetings. The majority of those assisted through SIM's ministry are from communities where Christ is least known in rural Paraguay.

This centre will also enable us to place people in those rural communities while their children’s needs are being met and the workers have a venue for renewal, study, and meetings.

Come and Serve

Dorm parents are needed, whether couples or singles, to help manage the dorm and mentor students

Guest House Maintenance 

This is a midterm - long term position, ideally for someone who can stay 1 year or more.  This position includes general maintenance and repairs of the Guest House and Conference Center.  Needed is an all-round handyman (or woman) to keep the facilities in good repair.  This role could be combined with dorm parents.  

Guest House Manager

This is a midterm - long term position, ideally for someone who can stay 1 year or more.  Guest House Manager is a hospitality position to help oversee the running, and day to day care of the Guest House and Conference Center in Asuncion.  This role could be combined with dorm parents.



Pray for the safety for workers as construction of the centre is ongoing.


Pray for funds to complete the building.


Pray for the Lord to bring new missionaries and staff to serve with SIM in Paraguay.