Sharing the light of Jesus with villagers in Niger

Niger in West Africa

As soon as I get out of the car, I am greeted by six kids eager to learn. Their first question is: "Did you bring the video?"

Not that they will see much of it, because they will be too tired from shepherding animals all day. But they still have energy to spend an hour in my literacy class. We put out our mats, and by flashlight I teach literacy to 15 kids between the ages of two and 12.

When we are finished, Ishaya brings out our generator and sets up a light. He puts the DVD player a few feet away from camels who are enjoying their evening meal.

We start by showing Christian music videos while men make tea and wait for the women to come with their weaving. The kids are in the front, trying their best to stay awake, but many of them don’t last very long.

When the women come, we start the Jesus film. Women and men watch the film with interest, but they are still trying to understand the story. Who is this Jesus?  And why would He want to die for us? 

Sometimes they struggle to understand what is going on in the film. Ishaya explains things to them as the film continues. The women have a lot of work to do during this time and leave before the film is over.

But Ishaya always gives them a quick presentation of the gospel before they leave. As the women wake up their children from their deep sleep, the men continue to talk and drink tea.

Some mothers come from their homes to call their children to bed. Because the women and children are gone, I leave, too, and find a place to sleep in the back of our car.

Ishaya and the men continue to talk, and when everyone has left, Ishaya rolls himself into a blanket on his cot and sleeps in front of the mayor's house. The next morning, just as the mayor is getting up, we pack up our thingsand leave for another village.

We don’t get the best night's sleep. Ishaya tells me he would have had a better night's sleep if camels were not such loud chewers!

But that is not important. What is important is that the people hear the gospel. We look forward to the day when the light will shine in the hearts of these people. 


Please pray for the country of Niger and that the gospel will take root and flourish there. Pray also about how God can use you in ministry around the world, and contact SIM today about opportunities for service.

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