Radio Hope

Radio Ondas de Esperanza ("Radio Hope") proclaims the gospel in Ecuador through quality Christian radio programming.

Radio is the most successful media to reach all social strata, and it has the ability to generate awareness in the largest number of people in the shortest possible time. Radio also reaches places where it is not possible to take the gospel in through other means. Through radio, we want to impact the unreached places in the city and province of Loja with the gospel, especially by promoting stable and functional families.

Current financial needs include the need for a new AM transmitter for Bible-based broadcasts (USD $65,000), a new FM console (USD $10,000), a Voice Enhancer (USD $8,000) and operational support needs. 

Come and Serve

Professionals for the production of radio programs: Requires experience in communication (journalism, programming, editing, announcing)

Counselor: Must possess knowledge and tools to help people with relationship difficulties and spiritual conflicts.

IT Support Technician: Requires knowledge in Windows and Linux operating systems.
Technical Engineer (Radio): Must have knowledge in telecommunication for the installation and maintenance of antennas, repeaters and radio studios.



Pray for the approval of the FM frequency and additional repeaters.


Pray for financial support to maintain the project.


Pray for the Lord to bring announcers, technicians and counsellors to join our team.

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