New leadership resource from Dave Bremner

By Tim Allan | International

No one in leadership thinks their job is easy – but a new book by SIM’s Dave Bremner with Oasis Publishing hopes to make it just a little less difficult! Images of Leadership is based on the material for the leader development programme Dave has pioneered and led for the mission.

Available on Amazon and Shop the Word.

The book is beautifully illustrated, skilfully laid out and guides the reader through several biblical portraits of leadership. There are chapters on the leader as shepherd, servant and steward, before discussions about what sharing leadership in the body of Christ and leading the ethnic diversity of the kingdom might look like.

The foreword, written by former SIM International Director, Jim Plueddemann, sums up the impact of the book and the leader development programme when he writes: “I’ve watched as Dave taught concepts from Images of Leadership to newer, growing leaders and have been awed by how these leadership principles have begun to permeate the ethos of the mission.”

As a foretaste to the book, Dave has written a five-part devotional available through our SIM By Prayer app via Back to the Bible.

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