My God will supply: A widows faith

By Amy Freeman | Niger in West Africa

 Naomi*, a woman with a sweet, round face and warm smile, shared with the other widows that she and her children hadn't had enough money for rent or food for quite some time. There was simply nothing left. Naomi's brother, however, seemed to have plenty of money, and she noticed him sharing it freely with others during Ramadan, the month-long Muslim festival of fasting. But he would not help his sister financially becuase she follows Jesus instead of the Qu'ran and Muslim customs.

The group of widows listened to each other share about the mistreatment they endure every day in Niger. Women already don’t share the same social status as men in Niger, but women whose husbands have died are regarded far more differently—in a class all by themselves.

And for Christian widows who have chosen Christ over other religions, their treatment is even worse. Some tell about family members who beat them or landlords who raise the rent to force them to them leave. At the restaurant of one Christian widow, patrons threw the food she prepared on the ground when they found out she’s a believer.

These dear widows endure hardships daily for the sake of Christ.

Naomi went on to share that her children asked her how their uncle could have so much and leave them hungry. They grumbled about the apparent injustice of it all. 

“Our God is good!” Naomi told her children with tears in her eyes. “And He has far more wealth than anyone else. So, we don’t need to worry about this relative that denies us, because God is our provider!”

Still, in the dark quiet of the night Naomi cried out to Lord, for her heart ached for her hungry children.

The following morning Naomi received an unexpected call from an employer she’d had years ago. To her astonishment, the woman said she wanted to bless the widow and her family—with three months of paid rent and extra money for food!

“I knew our God would provide!” Naomi exclaimed to her children. “He is perfect and generous in His love!”

Join us in widow care

SIM is involved with widows in Niger through the Dorcas Project, which provides spiritual, social and physical support for widows like Naomi. Pray for the Dorcas Project and the widows they serve, many of whom endure great hardship for Christ’s sake, and consider giving to Project Number 97318. Could God be calling you? Contact your local SIM office to find out more information.

Pray for:

• Naomi and her family, that God will provide abundantly for their needs. Pray that they will remain strong in their faith despite the mistreatment they suffer, and that He will cause more people like Naomi’s former employer to reach out to her family with kindness.

• God to raise up Christians in Niger who will challenge the mistreatment of widows in the name of Christ. Pray that they will see God’s tender care to widows like Ruth in the Bible.

• more workers to minister to Niger’s widows and serve with the Dorcas Project.

*Names have been changed.

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